How to Conceive a Girl Naturally

If you are hoping to bring a tiny bundle of joy in pink outfits into the world, there are methods for improving your chances of getting pregnant with a baby girl. In fact, many of these old practices in how to conceive a girl have been around for generations, long before it was understood how the sex of the baby was determined.

Sex Selection

The natural selection of a baby’s gender is based on chromosomes. Each parent will contribute one half of the newborn’s biological genetic makeup. The baby’s mother has a chromosome genetic makeup of “XX” and contributes an “X” during procreation. The baby’s father has the genetic makeup of “XY” and contributes either an “X” chromosome or a “Y” during procreation. This means that the sperm of the father is the deciding factor in determining the baby’s gender.

During intercourse, well over 200 million sperm containing “X” and “Y” chromosomes are ejaculated into the vagina. However, only one can penetrate the ovum to create the child. Because of that, natural methods have been found to help increase the potential of an “X” chromosome from the father impregnating the mother’s egg.

Below are different methods that have been proven highly effective in increasing the success of conceiving a girl. However, not every method might be effective for you
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#1 Conceiving a Girl through the Shettles Method

The Shettles Method has been helping couples conceive a girl since the early 1960s. Many claim that it produces a success rate of over 75 percent in couples that desire a girl. This method for gender determination is based on timing. Research has shown that “Y” (Boy) sperm tend to swim much faster than “X” (Girl) sperm in ejaculated semen. However, they have shorter survival rates. This means that girl sperm tends to be much stronger and more resilient, even though they swim at a slower speed.

It is Dr. Shettle’s belief that couples desiring to conceive a girl should engage in sexual intercourse between two and four days prior to ovulation. This is because only the girl sperm should still be alive and active to fertilize the egg once ovulation occurs.

#2 Conceiving a girl through the Whelan Method

Research indicates that the Dr. Whelan method for conceiving a girl has a success rate of over 57 percent. This method requires a different timing when compared to the Shettles method. The timing involves having sexual intercourse between two and three days prior to ovulation and that to conceive a boy, sexual intercourse should happen between four and six days before ovulation. This is contradictory to the Shettles method, even though both have a higher rate of success than no method of all.

With a limited amount of research supporting how to conceive a girl with the above methods, many couples choose one or more of the methods below to increase their odds. Even so, the tips below might be based more on myth and less on scientific certainty.

#3 Conceiving a Girl through More Sex

Instead of maintaining a strict guideline on timing ovulation and procreation, some believe that the sex should not be restricted at all. By having more sex in the days prior to ovulation, the potential father’s sperm count will become lower. This means that there will be far fewer quick swimming boy sperm making the race to fertilize the egg.

#4 Conceiving a Girl by Abandoning an Orgasm

Some research indicates that the moment the potential mom reaches orgasm; there is a release of alkaline secretion, which is thought to assist boy sperm in maintaining a longer survival rate. This is because it produces a less hostile environment. Abandoning the orgasm also abandons the release of alkaline secretion, making it far more difficult for the boy sperm to survive, which will diminish the chance of it ever reaching the egg.

#5 Conceiving a Girl by Staying Shallow

The entrance to the vagina tends to be a highly acidic environment, which is beneficial to the survival rate of girl sperm. Because of that, some believe that a potential father hoping for a girl should remain shallow or close to the entrance of the vagina when ejaculating. This releases the sperm in a more hostile acidic environment, making it far more challenging for the boy sperm to survive.

#6 Conceiving a Girl by Changing Diets

Potential moms can change the pH balance inside their vagina through their diet. Consuming more turkey, chicken, rice, green beans, eggs, corn, cheese, cherries, blueberries and raspberries will create a more acidic environment. In addition, consume less potassium, sodium, and caffeine while upping your supplement doses of calcium and magnesium.

#7 Conceiving a Girl by Taking Baths

Research indicates that boy sperm tend to be highly heat-adverse. Because of that, many couples believe that potential dads taking a hot bath before sexual intercourse weaken the boy sperm prior to release. Soaking in a hot tub might just be the trick required to conceive a girl instead of a boy.

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It is a fallacy to believe that potential dads that have a less masculine nature will father girls. It is also not true that one of the potential dad’s testicles only creates boy sperm, and the other only girl sperm. In addition, couples should not believe that other non-truths could increase the potential of having a girl over a boy including the false beliefs that lunar cycles, homeopathy, sexual position and a myriad of other complementary practices have any impact on deciding gender.

What is true is that girl sperm tend to last longer and move slower once ejaculated. In fact, girl sperm tends to survive much longer than boy sperm in a hostile vaginal environment. Girl sperm are known to survive in the potential mom’s vagina for up to 96 hours after intercourse without dying off. Alternatively, boy sperm tend to have significantly higher levels of energy upon ejaculation, but relatively minimal staying power when compared to girl sperm.

Knowledge you know how to conceive a girl, you need to plan, create and execute your strategy in the best ways to have sexual intercourse to improve your odds.